If you are a compliance leader, you have to keep up with and understand how to comply with various data privacy laws and regulations to protect the business, compile and maintain a policy management program, classify and manage personal and sensitive personal data with privacy controls, and respond to data requests, incidents, customer questionnaires and audits.

You also have to…

Demonstrate Compliance

Understand scope of data privacy requirements and implement data governance and privacy processes.

Protect Personal Information

Manage personal information you collect and process with clear policies, procedures, contracts and training.

Maintain Personal Data Inventory

Inventory and justify the personal data you collect and process.

Respond to Data Subject Requests

Fulfill data requests per US Federal, State and other laws, e.g., CCPA, CPRA, CPA, GDPR, etc.

Determine Data Risk

Determine risk and the impact of data processing to your stakeholders.

So, how do you establish an operational data privacy program that complies with ever evolving laws and regulations, empowers employees to “do the right thing” in personal data collection and processing, demonstrates adequate risk management to auditors and secures your peace of mind – at a price within reach?

Maybe you should consider…

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