Great Value as the Price Performance Leader

DataProtection DynamiX is the price performance leader. Powerful, affordable privacy management with all the modules you require with no hidden costs.

Simple Pricing

Instead of relentless add-ons that increase the actual price, DataProtection DynamiX pricing is all-inclusive. You get full functionality for one price. All maintenance, updates and upgrades are included at no extra cost. Choose your premium support package if needed.

Flexible Pricing Model

DataProtection DynamiX uses a flexible pricing model allowing you to subscribe for an annual plan in one of four tiers, based on your organization’s total employees. No need to count "admin" users versus business users. And, there are no hidden “gotchas.”

Lowest Entry Price

Period. Many companies can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars up front for even a modest privacy management platform. Instead, DataProtection DynamiX begins as low as $500 per month or $5,000 per year for an annual subscription.

Usage-Based Consent Management

Optional pay-as-you-go consent management storage software—just as SaaS should be. Billed monthly with no hidden fees. This model eliminates large, up-front capital expenditures and makes it affordable to implement immediately.

Business Version

Each package includes:

  • All-inclusive platform license for data privacy management, assessment and compliance
    • Every feature you need
    • Free upgrades
    • Product support
  • Standard on-boarding and support
  • Options for implementation and advisory
  • From $5,000 per year

Consultant Version

For Consultants, MSPs and fractional DPOs / CPOs:

  • Perform Data Privacy Assessments and Manage Privacy for Multiple Clients
    • Get 3 Account Starter Platform
    • Add users and client access as you go
    • Upgrade to Customizable Risk Assessments
    • Upgrade clients to full version when ready
  • Reseller and Affiliate Program
  • Sales and Solution Support


Each package includes:

  • Same as Business plus:
  • Bundled pricing for multiple legal entities
  • Tailored on-boarding
  • Premium support
  • Options for implementation and advisory
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