The Privacy Management Problem

It seems that you need an army of attorneys, compliance specialists and technologists to understand and meet legal data privacy requirements.

Current options have the following problems…

Many Use Spreadsheets…everywhere

You can’t manage collaborative compliance using dozens of manual spreadsheets. You don’t have status dashboards, compliance checklist or curated content—your approach is grossly inadequate.

Poor Personal Data Inventory

Many organizations capture too little, or too much (and even illegal) employee or customer data, don’t know what they can do with it, what they can share, or how long they can keep it—resulting in regulatory fines, and reputation risk (over 37% suffered financial loss, 25% filed for bankruptcy).

Don’t understand data privacy risk

Most groups don’t have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), or any in-house specialized analysis experience to identify the risk and create a mitigation plan for stakeholders and regulators.

And you know the end game isn’t legal compliance…but rather, trusted relationships with your customers.

So, how do you get out of spreadsheets, better understand what you need to capture (and avoid the hefty fines), create a working set of privacy practices, without needing a law degree in privacy, or hocking your first born to pay for it?

Incomplete, Missing or Contradictory Policies

Seldom is there a working set of privacy practices and centralized policies--so the organization cannot keep the promises they make to customers, employees and regulators.

Need a JD or PhD to make sense of it all

Most alternatives are overly complicated, or made for specialized privacy lawyers. The average layman cannot figure it out (not without EXTENSIVE training).

Price is Outrageous

And then there is the price—they must be awfully proud of their software!

Maybe you should consider...

DataProtection DynamiX (DPDx)

There are five main reasons to consider DataProtection DynamiX

  • BEST Privacy Program Compliance Assessment
  • Includes the BEST Data Mapping
  • BEST Privacy Impact Assessment
  • The BEST Policy Management
  • EASIEST to Use (really!)

Plus, the Price Performance LEADER!

DPDx Software
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