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Privacy Protecting Apps - read this first

Here are products and services I recommend, many of which I use myself and with my clients. I have vetted each of these products with the following criteria:

  • The business model must support my privacy and security. This means that the company does NOT depend upon advertising revenue that would collect, use and / or sell my data.
  • The business operates ethically and provides a clear privacy policy that provides me choices about how my data is used and allows me privacy rights. How the company's ethics manifests includes how they offer mutually beneficial contractual relationships and fair pricing.
  • The business takes cyber security seriously as evidenced by their security policy and processes. For example, the company encrypts personal data - when I send or receive it and also when it is stored (“rests”) on a computer server.
DPDx Software

DataProtection DynamiX

Our privacy management platform 🙂



Save time and money on your vendor due diligence. We partner with DataGrade and recommend them every chance we get!

Protecting yourself or you company from privacy intrusions. Nalini has worked extensively with Colby and Jeff at ObscureIQ. You should too!

The reThinking team uses and recommends the end-to-end encrypted file management system.

The reThinking team uses and recommends Yubikeys for your devices.

The reThinking team uses and recommends Firefox, along with the Containers extension.

Malcare WordPress Security