Get Strategic About Privacy in Your Business.

You're a Mission-Driven Leader.

You have put some data security and privacy into place...

...and you know that compliance should be a natural byproduct of protecting your company's value.

You are committed to more than just a superficial, tick the box solution when it comes to data privacy and compliance.

And, you know that relationships are just as important as the products and services you offer. You want to increase enduring revenues by focusing on building enduring relationships.

We believe your efforts are deserving of IRREPLACEABLE CUSTOMER TRUST.


Honoring privacy makes lasting relationships and lasting business.

Why is it that some businesses become the benchmark of trust

and others stay strapped?

99% of businesses struggle to answer three key questions:

  1. How do we ensure we transform our compliance as part of our business strategy?
  2. How can we ensure that we are in real-time control of our data and systems?
  3. How can we consistently deliver actions to deepen trust and create enduring relationships?

If that’s you, here’s some resources that will help you right now. Then read on…

Get Your Guide

Get actionable strategies on protecting customer data AND competing on trust.

Where Are You on the Curve?

Where is your organization now in terms of building enduring trust through data privacy?

Become a Partner in reThinking Trust

Join us to guide your clients in becoming the Benchmark of Trust through our proven framework & tool suite.

You Deserve Irreplaceable Customer Trust.

You deserve more than the shallow platforms and systems claiming to create trust.

You are in the hands of a team that applies the reThink Trust Method™ to take out the guesswork and go deep into the things that really matter.

Get results while you focus on the high return actions to deliver your customers an experience that very few in the world can do.

reThink Trust supercharges your business with the highest trust building strategies in the data protection world today.

Let Me Show You The Heart
Of Lasting Trust

Trust starts with your relationships and how everyone in your organization shows up. While most companies chase compliance and focus too much on collecting and monetizing data, the benchmark companies are doing 3 things no one else is doing.  Watch this to learn what those are:

Our Process

We Can Help You Build and Grow Customer Trust With Data Privacy and Protection

We have developed a powerful framework, integrating what it takes to execute a strategy of enduring customer relationships.

Key Outcome One

Strategic Compliance

How can you ensure that you transform compliance so that it is part of your business strategy?

You are in business to create value for your customers, not implement a compliance platform. Most companies today add compliance as an "add-on" to their operations, divorced from their strategy.

Achieve your strategy AND have your compliance as a natural (and necessary byproduct) of building enduring relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

"Nalini and reThink Trust is my go-to resource for actionable trust-building, data security and privacy advice. Skip building a robust risk management program at your own peril."

Jesse Hopps

CEO and Founder

Demand Metric

Key Outcome Two

Operational Control

How can you get above the line where you have real-time control and resilience?

Operational control of your business is critical to protecting value and managing the inevitable risks you face. 

While most businesses either focus on thousands of controls and colorful dashboards, what we have found through years of implementation is true control puts empowered teams in place with a select suite of powerful tools in an "action - reflection - action" learning journey. Your business focuses on opportunities while addressing vulnerabilities. The result is resilience.

"Nalini combines a deep understanding of technology and security with a sense for how people need to actually work and get things done. She's extremely sharp and any organization connected to the Internet would benefit from a conversation with her - just make sure you do what she says!"

Brett Kelly


Key Outcome Three

Trustworthy Connection

How can you make sure that every process deepens trust and creates enduring relationships?

Protecting data is obviously necessary for every business.

Many companies fall short on the follow-through needed for the making and keeping relationships - especially when it comes to the data they collect and use.

By applying "human experience" into your data privacy practice, you turn your data management into trustworthy connections and reap the fulfillment of lasting relationships.

"reThink Trust helped me to assess digital risk and build a foundation of security and privacy practices that opened my eyes to the necessity of sound data protection as a matter of trust. As a result, I feel empowered to protect my clients' and community's online data, as well as my own."

Suzanne Smith

Founder, Director

Accountable Partners

Getting Started Is Easy!

Let's connect and chart out your pathway to enduring customer trust through data privacy management.

Step One

Book Free Exploration Call

Our team works with you to understand your needs and see if we are a good fit for each other. If so, we explore ways we could work together. No obligation and no pressure.

Step Two

Create Action Plan

Together, we tailor a set of reThink Trust Method™ accelerators for your business.

You choose the tailored program to elevate your data protection capabilities and save time.

Step Three

On Board With Ease

From Day One we implement actionable strategies together and get results in short time frames, generally within 2 to 4 weeks. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Don't Settle for Talking About How Important Privacy and Your Customers Are.

Show Them.

Learn how to build the enduring trust through data privacy that you deserve.

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