If you are an executive leader, you have to create value every day for your customers and other stakeholders. You also have to protect the value you’ve worked so hard to create. A key value driver is how you manage your customers’ data privacy. And, you also must comply with various laws and regulations.

You have to…

Demonstrate Compliance

Comply with a plethora of data privacy and security laws, e.g., CCPA, CPRA, CPA, GDPR, US State Data Breach Notification laws, etc.

Ensure that Your Organization Protects Personal Information

Manage personal information you collect and process with clear policies, procedures, contracts and training.

Determine Data Risk in Initiatives and Systems

Determine risk and the impact of data processing to your stakeholders.

Know the Personal Data You Hold

Inventory and justify the personal data your business collects and processes.

Respond to Data Subject Requests

Fulfill data requests for website visitors, prospective and current customers, applicants and employees

Privacy Team Working

So, how do you deepen customer and employee trust, implement privacy management that creates business value, ensure data privacy compliance and secures your peace of mind – at a price within reach?

Maybe you should consider…

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