Five Reasons to Consider DataProtection DynamiX (DPDx)

1. BEST Privacy Program Compliance Assessment

DataProtection DynamiX gives you everything you meet CCPA, GDPR and CPRA data privacy compliance including business operations assessments, risk management, data subject rights and participation, information security, and third party management.

Plus, incident response including a personal breach, management and operational dashboards, plus unique checklists in plain English that give a more tailored, faster and enjoyable experience to make Privacy by Design (PbD) happen in your organization. Notable features include:

Prebuilt Compliance Checklists

Unlike alternative applications that use questionnaires (typically incomplete, inaccurate or missing), DataProtection DynamiX uses detailed checklists—allowing you to assess, improve, optimize and monitor your organization’s status and maturity in data protection by completing powerful simple compliance statements. You can designate a risk level, assign tasks and reminders and document the status of each compliance control statement.

Compatible with every Framework

Futureproof your privacy program to meet current US State, Federal and global privacy laws and regulations (including CCPA, CPRA, CPA and GDPR) AND demonstrate sound data management practice. Everything you need without bloat and overwhelm.

Custom Checklists

You can create individual items or upload an entire framework from a spreadsheet, including notes and documents. Gives you the flexibility to tailor elements or upload frameworks that apply to your business.

Real-time status and Configurable Reporting and Dashboards

You can focus on individual compliance areas, choose the sections – Organization, Data Mapping, Governance, Stakeholders, Service Providers / Processors, Compliance and Data Sharing. Select Tasks, Status and Notes. Create PDF reports or download Excel spreadsheets.

2. BEST Data Mapping

Built to jump-start your personal and sensitive data mapping and inventory in minutes. Enter the information once and the platform populates and manages key aspects of privacy management automatically.

Where applicable, you are prompted to complete Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIA) and stores all artifacts of data mapping.

Data Subject and Business Process Orientation

Unlike alternatives that start with a data element, DataProtection DynamiX gives you the option to start with either the people or the business process when you create your data inventory.

Step by Step Workflow

Create your personal and sensitive personal information inventory by selecting items or creating your own. Understand whose information you hold, for what purpose, under which lawful basis and for what duration.

Visual Maps

Instantly see what data you hold, who you send it to and with whom you share it.

Auto Populated Privacy Notices and Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Allows you to enter and update data and processors easily, all the while populating and publishing your personal data and lawful bases in public web notices and required activities for regulators.

Integrated With Impact Assessments and Processor / Service Provider Data Management

You enter data once and the platform serves up drop down menus in other modules where you can select the data and processes you need to analyze or for vendors you manage. Designed to save you time and aggravation.

3. BEST Privacy Impact Assessment

The platform provides you a direct, powerful approach to analyze risks to data privacy whenever you plan to implement a new or updated business process or system. Performing impact assessments helps meet CCPA, GDPR and CPRA compliance.

You can assess privacy risk whether you are new to privacy management or a seasoned Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Step by Step Wizard

You get pre-defined screening and purpose questionnaires as the wizard walks you through justifying processing and documenting your individual rights and protections.

Project Board (Kanban)

Have one screen that shows the status of every assessment in process and in terms of risk– from draft, review, editing, submitted to complete by displaying assessments as cards. Click on a card to open and work or download the entire assessment as a PDF from the card.

Automatic Population of Data Subjects and Processing

Eliminates duplicate entry and leverages the work you’ve already performed during data mapping. Select or create new data subject types and corresponding processing purposes via drop-down boxes. Saves you time and increases accuracy.

On the Fly Role Assignment

Add a new user within the module with ease. Allows you to get feedback from stakeholders and manage the approval process.

Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Recommendation

Use pre-built automation rules to analyze risks, record mitigation and easily run reports for stakeholders and regulators. Gives you clarity and confidence in protecting data rights and satisfying regulatory requirements.

4. BEST Policy Management

You get a focused set of data protection and privacy documents as a starting point, including public and employee privacy notices, employee training, trans-border information flows, acceptable use, data classification and labeling and data handling and more.

Covers the essential governance documents of privacy and security measures, privacy notices, internal, optional to manage your document library. And, no fluff.

Prebuilt Templates

Tailor pre-loaded governance policies to your company’s operations. You save time and leverage solid data management practices compiled from hundreds of organizations.

Curated Library

Contains essential privacy and data management policies and helpful guidance in creating and managing your program such as Working From Home, Best Practices, Acceptable Use, Data Breach Policy, Program Announcements and more. Tracks status and updates of each policy and procedure. Saves you time and demonstrates good faith compliance.

Acknowledgement Tracking Built In

Communicate policies and procedures to employees, contractors and other stakeholders and get “Read and Accepted” confirmations. Takes the hassle out of onboarding and annual updates.

Custom Documents

You can implement your entire governance documentation within the platform. Upload your own standards, policies, procedures, runbooks, etc. Eliminates headaches from trying to find the latest versions in your Cloud drive.

5. EASIEST to Use (really!) for CCPA / CPRA, emerging US State Privacy Laws and GDPR Compliance

DataProtection DynamiX is designed for privacy management novices to seasoned pros to meet CCPA / CPRA, GDPR and other US Federal and State compliance requirements.

The platform includes wizards and step by step guides allowing you to quickly configure and manage your organization’s data privacy across the business within a few hours. ­

Clean Design

Once you log in, you get a single page with numbered cards and helpful descriptions. You can choose to navigate by card, icon or menu. DataProtection DynamiX allows people from every business unit, including operations, legal, IT, marketing, sales and service to use the platform with ease. It is 100% web-based with nothing to install.

Step by Step Guidance

Within each module, the platform provides contextual guides to assist you in assessments, data mapping, service provider management, and data subject request handling.

Getting Started Wizard

Often, initial configuration of systems can take an inordinate amount of time and introduce dizzying complexity. DataProtection DynamiX includes an organization set up wizard to get you up and running within 15 minutes or less.

Everything you need in one place

You get context-based tools and tips along the way.

Plus, it is the Price-Performance Leader

DataProtection DynamiX is the price performance leader. Powerful and affordable privacy management containing all the modules you require with no hidden costs. Includes the best features for the price. It saves the countless frustrating hours mapping personal data, performing assessments building reports and potentially saving weeks of delays due to incomplete compliance with fulfilling data subject rights.

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