Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is consolidated, software-based privacy management important?

The end game isn’t legal compliance … It is trusted relationships with your customers and employees. Your goal is to build trust, not paperwork. The DPDx method is thoughtful and detailed, allowing you to minimize legal and financial exposure and risk, close the gaps you identify in your privacy compliance, meet privacy laws and regulations, create and publish privacy policies and notices, manage data subject access requests, handle incident management, and generate reports.

Why use checklists instead of questionnaires?

Research and client experience show that doing brief interviews using compliance checklists gives you more accurate and complete data privacy practices. In contrast, when a company sends out automated questionnaires, they often come back with incomplete or wrong information and sometimes aren’t returned.

Why should I do data systems inventory and data mapping?

A systems inventory catalogs where your data is stored, how you collect it, and what do you do with it. Data mapping catalogs what personal and sensitive data elements are in each system. Together, these document your processing purposes and relevant lawful bases for having the data and will help you determine whether you are capturing too little or too much (and even illegal) employee or customer data.

I’m ready to buy. What should I do next?

Great! Please complete our request form

Can I receive a trial?

Yes we provide a free, 7-day trial of DataProtection DynamiX. Please ask during our consultations or complete our request form.

What support do you provide?

Support for technical questions (like bugs, company configuration, use of the platform) is included in your purchase of DataProtection DynamiX.

Support packages for privacy program design, implementation and operations are available for additional cost. Please contact us at for more information.

Current customers receive support via:

Can I demonstrate compliance with specific laws and regulations with DataProtection DynamiX?

Yes. DataProtection DynamiX comes with a principle-based compliance framework pre-loaded that addresses key regulatory areas applicable to every organization. You can create and upload as many compliance checklists as you need, including CCPA/CPRA, PCI DSS, and the leading cybersecurity frameworks. If you expand into other geographic markets, such as the EU or UK, you can also use frameworks specific to those jurisdictions such as the GDPR.

Is DataProtection DynamiX and my organization's data secure?

Yes. DataProtection DynamiX is a cloud native app built with robust security on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a popular and one of the most secure systems worldwide. Please contact us if you require more information about our data security practices.

Where is my organization's data stored

Data is stored in AWS’s data centers in Ireland and Germany, which are both in the EU.

Why use a platform from the EU?

Because the EU has been at the forefront of treating privacy as a fundamental human right and has had decades of experience in data protection practice and regulations. US companies get a “leg up” in their data privacy compliance from the start by adopting advanced EU-based software.

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