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Delete Compliance Area

From “Edit Compliance Section” within a Compliance Area you may:

  • Delete an entire section
  • Delete individual sub sections

This functionality is available for all compliance areas, regardless of how they were created: default areas pre-populated by PrivIQ; new custom areas you created; and new areas created from template.

Note that there is no “Trash” or “Deleted Items” folder in DPDx. Deleting a section or sub section is permanent and cannot be undone.

From Compliance Audit, click on the tile for the section you wish to modify:

Next choose “Edit Compliance Section”.

A pop-up appears for modifications.

  • To delete a sub section, choose “Delete” immediately below that sub section.
  • To delete the entire compliance area, choose “Delete” at the bottom of the pop-up

For large compliance areas, the deletion may take a while and you may think your click was not recognized. Please be patient and monitor the blue progress bar near the top of your screen before navigating away from that web page. The popup will close and the page refreshes on its own once the deletion is complete.

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