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The Governance section allows you to manage a variety of documents:

  • that are required by data protection laws and regulations
  • that may be required by your organization’s policies and procedures
  • that align with best practices for data protection and compliance

The two areas of documentation are:

  • Privacy-related documents and disclosures required by data protection regulations and/or your organization’s policies and procedures. 
  • Mandatory and optional documents for Stakeholder (employee, contractor, Third Party) acknowledgement and training.

Documents that are created in this section (especially Record of Processing and Privacy Notices) draw information from other sections of DPDx (Organization Setup, Data Mapping, Service Providers, and Third Parties). We strongly recommend that you create these Governance documents and disclosures after these other sections are complete.

If your organization does not already have these documents and disclosures, we recommend you use the templates provided in DPDx. We strongly suggest you review all documents and disclosures with your legal counsel before making them public.

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