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Data Mapping Homepage

Sections on homepage

There are two main sections on the Data Mapping homepage: Filtering section, and data mapping entry Creation section.

Filter Section

To filter the view of data mapping elements, you may choose one or more picklist items from any or all of the four filter categories.

Once you have chosen your filters, click anywhere on your screen outside of the dropdown and the filtered list appears.

Choose Reset to clear the filters and return to a full listing.

Creation Section

To add a new data mapping element, you begin directly on the Data Mapping homepage. See New data mapping entry for full details.

Data mapping elements listing

Within data mapping elements listing you have the ability to sort the output by Department, Data subject type, Processing purpose, or Lawful Basis. You can also edit the custom picklist item entries (which are listed in red font).

Sort data mapping entries

To sort the listing, click on the column heading name to sort by that column; click again to change from ascending / descending.

Edit picklist entries

Within the listing, red items are your custom entries. Clicking on the element launches a popup where you can edit the name or delete the item.

WARNING: Deleting an item deletes that entry from the picklist PLUS it deletes all entries using that item. There is not a warning before the deletions. Use Delete with extreme caution, and run a selection filter to review those items before deletion.

Functions on homepage

Main functions on the data mapping homepage are highlighted below.

Data Mapping

Combined with “Edit”, this is the primary area to manage data mapping where you can view, edit, create, and delete entries. 

Collection Sources

Collection sources are attributes assigned to each data mapping element. 


Download your data mapping as a multi-sheet Excel document; includes picklists and data mapping elements. Once you’ve downloaded your data mapping, you can edit it and upload for import.


The Validate function verifies that all of your entries are complete and error-free.


Combined with “Data Mapping”, this is the primary area to manage data mapping where you can view, edit, create, and delete entries. 


Gives an interactive, graphical view of all or filtered portions of your data mapping. This view can be downloaded as PNG or SVG.

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