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Complete an Audit

An audit must be marked as complete in order to put into Comparison Stack. This also prevents any further Recalculations on that audit.

When you have finished all of the updates you want to complete at this point in time on an audit, click ‘Mark as complete’. You may not have everything completely done, but marking it complete closes the work on that audit and makes it available for comparison on the next audit which contains the same sections.

If you are creating a benchmark audit, do not make any updates; instead just mark the benchmark as complete after it is created.

Once an audit is marked as Complete, you cannot undo that action. You also cannot Recalculate a completed audit.

Once an audit is Complete, the “Date completed” is added to the report information.

TIP: For accurate tracking of your progress, we recommend that you mark an audit as complete when you have finished working on it (in whatever ways that means for your organization), regardless of whether you will add it to the Comparison Stack. This locks the audit as a snapshot in time at the point it is completed. The Completion date is recorded on the audit.

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