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The Reports section contains Excel extracts and Risk Report, described below.

Excel Extract

Reports in Excel Extract format are an itemized extraction of data contained in various compliance areas. It shows what has been input to date, but does not contain any progress or status, nor does it contain analysis or assessment of risk. Data extracted into reports can be used to build your own custom reports or run queries.

The following types of reports are available:

  • Personal Information Locations – details where personal data is held or processed
  • Personal Information Service Providers – provider and contract details for each Personal Information Type handled by the provider
  • Personal Information Collection – details where personal data is collected
  • DSAR – details and status of individual requests
  • Breach – details for each individual incident
  • Personal Information ROPA – details for each personal information type in data mapping as your Record of Processing Activity
  • PIA – details and status of each assessment
  • Stakeholders – details and status of acceptance of policies and related documents

Note about data mapping details: For a complete extract of your data mappings, consider using the Data Mapping > Export function. Depending on the types of analysis and reporting you want to do, this may provide more details.

Risk Report

The Risk Report is a PDF download which gives you a risk analysis and detailed account of the status of your operational compliance checklists. View the unmitigated risk, which is the level of risk that remains after applying any mitigations to the risk. Understand the probability and impact of the threat occurring. Incorporate the risk data into your organization’s risk management framework.

The report produces the following risk analyses:

  • Mitigated vs Unmitigated Risk
  • Compliance section by status
  • Probability and Impact Score (Impact Score / Severity), by Compliance section
  • Probability of Risk Occurring (Compliance Risk / Likelihood), by Compliance section
  • Compliance Score, by Compliance section
  • Detailed Risk Report, by individual Checklist Item
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