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Auto run Schedule

Auto run schedule allows you to get snapshots in time in order to automatically create historical documentation of your changes and improvements. These Real-Time Audits run at 00:00 on the last day of the selected time period.

To configure, open the dropdown and choose a frequency of: Annually, Bi-Annually, Quarterly, or Monthly. Then choose your start month and Save.

To cancel auto run, open the dropdown and choose “Delete”

If you make choices that you do not wish to save, choose “Cancel”. Note that your last choices are cached in the dropdown but not saved. To return to your previous view, you can either: fully reload the page; or leave Real-Time Audit by clicking Home on the sidebar, then revisit Real-Time Audit. The temporary choices will be cleared.

Auto run reports cover All Sections and are named “YYYY/MM RTA”. They are automatically marked Complete and put onto the Comparison Stack.

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