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Data mapping entry export

Data Mapping Export can be found in the “Export/Import” tab and allows you to download your data mapping as a multi sheet Excel document – with or without the mapping.

There are two components to data mapping:

  • Picklists, which create unique elements or become attributes to these elements. The following picklists are exported:
    • Departments
    • Data Subject Types (DST)
    • Processing Purposes (PP)
    • Personal Information Types (PDT)
    • Processing Locations (Location)
    • Processors (Processor)
    • Sharing Parties (Sharing)
    • Collection Sources (Collection)
  • Mappings, which link components from the picklists. These are combinations of attributes from the picklists. The following mappings are exported for each element:
    • DST-PP
    • DST-PP-PDT
    • DST-PP-Location
    • DST-PP-Processor
    • DST-PP-Sharing
    • DST-PDT-Collection

If you download without mapping, then only the picklists (data subject types, personal information types, etc.) will be exported, along with blank template sheets for mappings.

If you download with mapping, you can limit the data in the Department tab and the Mapping tabs to certain departments by deselecting departments on the dropdown.

Data Mapping exports can be used for:

  • Review and analysis of data mappings
  • A backup or snapshot in time of your data mappings.
  • A starting point for additions or modifications to your data mapping, used in conjunction with an import after changes.
  • Tip: Before making changes to an export, make a copy of the download workbook, and name the copy as being the original download in case you need to revert or make comparisons.

Data mapping report export

You can export a PDF or Excel file of your data mapping entries using the functionality in Compliance Monitor. Note that this export cannot be used for data mapping export/import, and it does not provide a backup that could be easily used for data recovery. This provides your data mappings in a readable report format. Please see the Compliance Monitor section of this user guide for details.

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