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PrivIQ style guide and icons

Red font

A red font is used to highlight words found in the privacy management glossary. You can hover over the word and see the definition. When you create custom entries such as checklist items, these terms will automatically be highlighted.

Create new item (green plus sign)

In some places there is a green plus sign to the right of a dropdown picklist. Whenever you see this plus sign, you can create a new item of that type which will be added to the picklist. Some examples follow.

Checklist items: When assigning Compliance Audit (and other) checklist items, you can create a new Task User from within task assignment. Note that the user is given the “Task” System Role, which you may modify via User Management after creation. The new user will get a welcome email instructing them to set their password.

New user pop-up.

Data mapping: When entering data mapping entries, you can create a new Department, Data Subject Type, or Processing Purpose to make it available when adding a new item.

New Department pop-up.

Blue progress bar

Some save, change, delete or refresh operations may take a little while to run and reload/refresh on your page. In order to not accidentally abort an operation, wait until the blue progress bar at the top of the screen both reaches the right side and then disappears before continuing work.

Minimizing and restoring warnings/errors

Warnings and errors may be removed from the screen by clicking the “X” in the box containing the warning.

View after clicking X.

The content will reappear when:

  • you force reload the page in your browser
  • you logout and log back in

TIP: This minimization feature applies to the errors/warnings displayed within Data Mapping > Validate. This is an area where you may not wish to remove the warnings. If you have removed them from the page, they will not reappear with a new Validate function. So the forced reload or a fresh login will show new results from data validation.

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