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Generate a Report

Choose the Sections and Status you want to include in your report, then select “Load report”. The full report will load on the same web page below the Load Report / Download buttons on your screen.

The “Show Notes” filter adds or removes the listing of changes in task assignment, status and custom notes for a checklist item. These details can add a few or many lines to each item in your listing, so consider excluding Notes on reports and spreadsheets where the details are not needed. We recommend removing Notes if you will manipulate and/or filter an Excel download.

After you select Load Report, wait for the report to complete before Downloading. Progress is shown at the top of the web page in the blue Progress Bar. When the report is complete, the Load Report button changes from gray to white and the Download button will appear. The completed report also appears on your screen below the Download button. You can scroll through the report.

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