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Checklists are one of the cornerstones of the PrivIQ application and are a powerful way for you to assess, improve, optimize and monitor your organization’s risk, compliance and maturity in data protection.

Each checklist item is a task that may apply to your organization. If an item does apply, determine whether you are practicing what the control statement says – this becomes your Status. Task assignment allows you to delegate the work to both a) come into alignment with the statement, and b) manage the iterative process of task review and updates in the future to ensure continued compliance.

When you begin using PrivIQ, you will not have all tasks completed. In fact, some tasks may need research and collaboration in order to determine whether they apply and their status. The goal of your first iteration of Checklist review is to assess your organization’s status in data protection; it is not to be in full compliance with every statement. This means you don’t need to have everything “green” at the end of a few days or even weeks.

Using task assignment and review schedules, you will continually improve and optimize these tasks as your data protection compliance matures.

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