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View Audit Report

The most current version of each report, with recalculations, is saved within DPDx until you delete it. You may view any report by clicking on that report’s gray highlight when you hover:

Excel download

From within the report, you can download an Excel file:

Risk Report

Additionally, you can run and download a related Risk Report on the Compliance Sections included in the Audit (Risk Report details are here). From within the Real-Time Audit, click “Risk Report” to download the PDF.

  • The Risk Report contains detailed compliance and risk scoring for every compliance item for each section in that audit
  • The Risk Report from within Real-Time Audit is not a current snapshot in time; it is a new report based on the data in the most recent recalculation of that particular audit.
  • Note: clicking Risk Report from within a Real-Time Audit that was created prior to 14 Nov 2023 will give unreliable results. We recommend not using that functionality for these older audits.
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