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Record of Processing

With the advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations serving the EU must create and maintain a Records of Processing Activities (ROPA). The US contains a patchwork of data protection and privacy requirements and some jurisdictions have adopted similar requirements for a ‘Record of Processing’. Whether you are legally or technically required to maintain a Record of Processing or not, we strongly recommend that you do.

Generate Report

This platform automatically generates a Record of Processing using data completed in other sections of DPDx. The following components are created in a Record of Processing:

  • Organization: drawn from Setup > Organization Settings
  • Details of Processing: drawn from Data Mapping
  • We disclose personal information to the following recipients: drawn from Service Providers and Third Parties (who process personal information for you) identified within Data Mapping
  • Security Measures: drawn from Governance > Security Measures
  • Record of Processing – As Service Provider: drawn from Service Providers > Third Parties (where your organization processes personal information for another party)

The automatically-generated report appears on your screen; you may dismiss the introduction by clicking the “X”.

Download PDF

After the Record of Processing is generated, you can Download a PDF of the report for backup, historical documentation, to disseminate in response to requests, etc. Remember to replace the external copies of the ROPA when you update any of the sections in DPDx which contribute to the report, e.g., Organization Setup, Data Mapping, Service Providers, and Third Parties.

Download Excel

Note that in the Reports section of DPDx > Excel Extract, you can download the Data Mapping details used in the Record of Processing section “Details of Processing”.

From this screen, beyond Download PDF, there is not an option to do a Save. Your report is generated automatically each time you enter this tab.

To enter the next section, click the tab to the right of “Record of Processing”, which is “Privacy Notices”.

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