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Export Compliance Area Checklists

Export all checklists

You can export a PDF or Excel file of any or all Compliance checklists using the functionality in Compliance Monitor. Please see the Compliance Monitor section of this user guide for details.

Export custom checklists

From the summary page within a custom Compliance Area, you can export a CSV of the checklist items.

You may wish to use the Item and Risk Level fields to create and upload new checklist items from CSV for any compliance area checklist. The following fields are provided for each item (task) in the export:

  • section: The name of the Compliance Area
  • sectionDescription: The description of the Compliance Area
  • subSectionOrdinal: internal database ordering relationship
  • subSection: The name of the Sub Section
  • subSectionDescription: The description of the Sub Section
  • itemOrdinal: internal database ordering relationship
  • item: The checklist item / task
  • riskLevel: Assigned Risk Level H/M/L
  • status: Current status
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