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Create New Audit

Create Audit

In Real-Time Audit, choose “Create new audit”. You may create an audit to include one, some or all of these sections:

  • Compliance Audit – status of Compliance Audit tasks and risk scores
  • Data Mapping – incomplete data mappings
  • Governance – completion status of governance documents
  • Stakeholder Comms – employee/contractor status of policy acceptance
  • Service Providers – completion status of Service Provider contracts
  • Third Parties – completion status of Third Party/Sharing Party contracts
  • PIA – completion status of DPIAs
  • Subject Access – completion status of DSARs
  • Incident Response – completion status of breach reports

In the pop-up for a new audit, add a description (title) and choose relevant sections.

  • The “Description” will be your audit title. Give the report a relevant title up to 256 characters; be clear in your naming. When you do comparisons between different reports, the contents of comparison audits are checked and the section(s) must be in the comparison. A clear report title will help you know what the report contains. You might also include a date or version in the title.
  • Select the sections for this report. You can expand Compliance Audit to include specific sections and sub sections.

Collapsed view:

Click on the > for expanded view

After selecting sections, choose ‘Score and audit’

After the audit is created, the new audit report displays with a tab for each section you selected:

Add notes and files

You may add relevant notes and files to your audit by clicking on the tabs.

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