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Org setup

Org Setup is found in the Cog Wheel in the upper navigation bar under Settings:

Complete Org Setup first when you begin using DPDx. Do not begin work in any sections (accessed from the Tiles or Sidebar) until you complete your org setup. Ensure that you accurately complete your Organization Setup because much of that data will filter through to your documents and disclosures within the Governance section of DPDx. Work your way through all four sub-sections.

  • Your Organization
  • Your Location
  • Your Officers
  • Your Plan

Within these sections you will configure:

  • Organization name, logo and contact info
  • Physical and postal addresses, Timezone
  • Officers; used to populate certain policies and documents:
    • Organization Lead: the person in your organization leading your data protection program
    • Privacy Officer: the person responsible for data privacy and protection (may or may not be the same as Organization lead)
  • Your Plan
    • Features required
      • Check the relevant feature items
      • Notes about Data Mapping option
        • Before you begin any data mapping input, we strongly recommend that you choose “My organization does data mapping by department”. This feature will affect how you enter data mapping. If you are unsure, contact reThink Trust for guidance, https://support.rethinktrust.io/
        • WARNING: When you toggle this on/off, all of your current data mappings will be deleted.
        • WARNING: As you are starting out with DPDx, toggling off and back on again can be used as a convenient way to delete all mappings and begin again.
        • Always do a Data Mapping > Export BEFORE changing the toggle.
        • TIP: If you have done a little testing of data mapping (for example, by trial and error to get a sense of how it works), changing the department toggle off and back on again is a way to clear all of your test mappings. USE EXTREME CAUTION.
    • To change your Organization size, please open a support ticket at https://support.rethinktrust.io/. Changing the size on your own could trigger an additional expense.

Export org setup details

You can export a PDF or Excel file of your organization setup details using the functionality in Compliance Monitor. Please see the Compliance Monitor section of this user guide for details.

Outbound email address

DPDx sends outbound email from within the app – for example, DSAR notifications, new user notifications, task/deadline notifications. Due to complexities in the global outbound email infrastructure and security in minimizing forged email, the outbound email address is set at channel partner level and currently cannot be configured per client. This means that your outbound email is from the reThink Trust partner address, “support@rethink.trust.io”. The support team at reThink Trust actively manages this email account and will forward appropriate replies or bounced emails to your team.

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