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Security Measures

Regulations call for a general description of information security measures that ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal information. Security measures could include, but are not limited to:

  • Access control and encryption
  • Ongoing integrity, availability and resilience
  • Ability to restore the availability and access
  • Testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of these measures which you have adopted

The text that you record in Security Measures is automatically included in the Record of Processing (ROPA) Report on the next tab.

The “Use template” option is not available at this time. Select “Use my own content”.

Next click in the content text box to access the HTML editing controls. Enter your security measures description.

From this screen, there is not an option to do a Save. Your input is saved automatically.

To enter the next section, click the tab to the right of “Security Measures”, which is “Record of Processing”.

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