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Copy organization

Copying organizations between accounts is found in the Cog Wheel in the upper navigation bar under Copy Organisation.

Please contact reThink Trust before using this feature, https://support.rethinktrust.io/

The following items are included in a copy:

  • Compliance and all checklists
    • Default checklist items: All selected notes and files for selected default items
    • Custom checklist items: All selected user defined items and notes and files linked to these
    • NOTE: Neither of these include the item Status or Risk level
  • Data mapping
    • All selected data mapping items, including notes, files and legitimate interest files
  • Governance
    • All selected EDIT or UPLOAD governance documents
  • Processors
    • All selected processors
  • Data Sharing
    • All selected data sharing parties
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
    • All selected complete Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Breach register
    • All selected complete breach notices
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